The messiest divorce of all time continues to include drama over four many years later…

A week ago a witness deposition through Johnny Depp ‘ s continuing defamation suit against  Amber Heard   became public thanks to DailyMail. com , revealing more about the  Pirates of the Caribbean star’ s concept of his ex-wife’ ersus infidelity.

A  witness named  Josh Drew , the ex-husband of Amber’ s BFF  Raquel “ Rocky” Pennington , confirmed under pledge that Rugged told him Amber a new threesome with Tesla founder  Elon Musk and  supermodel  Cara Delevingne while still married in order to Johnny.

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Elon is the only one from the three who has responded to the particular accusation. In a statement to  Page Six at the time, he  denied the three-way , declaring he had “ never been intimate” along with Cara at all. He furthermore again claimed his popular relationship with Amber  hadn’t begun until after the girl split.

“ Also, I would like to confirm again that Emerald and I only started heading out about a month after the girl divorce filing. I don’ t think I was actually even in the vicinity associated with Amber during their marriage! ”

Nicely, a text message exchange  between your two — shared in order to Twitter by an account declaring to be run by Depp’ s lawyer,   Adam Waldman   — seems to tell another story.

Inside a series of messages from Weekend, May 22, 2016, simply hours after Johnny apparently hit Amber with a cell phone, she was texting along with Elon — who was evidently listed as “ Rocketman” in her phone.

She first informs him:

“ For This kind of smart man… … I might think you wouldn’ to need to investigate any further compared to your last text in my opinion before such radio quiet commenced….. ”

(The ellipses are usually hers, btw. )

We have no idea exactly what that was in response to, but they currently had a radio silence? Due to something he said to the girl? Hmm… He responds:

“ Well, I’ m simply glad you’ re okay. You talked about J becoming violent in the past and still getting keys to the apartment, therefore i thought something might have occurred. ”

Amber responds:

“ This did. But that’ t irrelevant. ”

This would be the 2016 household violence claim which kicked off all this. But that was in courtroom docs. Amber wouldn’ to go public with her tale of abuse until April 2019 — leading to the current defamation situation.

She provides:

“ I had the hair changed. Legal divorce submitting tomorrow. Restraining order — all that. ”

And we know the lady did just that. Elon reacts:

“ Wtf? But you’ re ok right? Will there be anything I can do? ”

Then he offers:

“ I’ mirielle happy to engage 24/7 safety for you, if you’ g like. It would be utterly private. ”

Amber brings the subject back again from the Johnny drama for their relationship, whatever it is:

“ All of that is irrelevant in order to why I stopped speaking with you. ”

Elon responds:

“ I know. And the offer would certainly stand even if you never desired to see me again. ”

Find him again? That certainly sounds like they already a new relationship at that point. We’ lso are not reading into that will at all, right? He then provides:

“ Anyway, sorry to be an idiot. The radio quiet hurt a lot. It only matters since I really like you. ”

She responses:

“ Yeah, hence precisely why I was so affected by your own text the other night. ”


They then agree to finish their particular talk in a phone call right after Amber admits “ a few things are hard to text” and says she’ t “ here if you want to ring. ” Elon reacts:

“ Will do. ”

We don’ to know if it would act as proof of an affair, however it definitely gives a sense from the familiarity of dating, doesn’ t it? Not to mention this raises so many questions regarding their relationship! What do he say that drove the girl to ghost him? Hmm…

What do A PERSON make of all this, Perezcious visitors??