​An artist Sarah Vaci, who use wool’s and furs to create portraits of pets which besides gives her portraits the natural and realistic look which is nonetheless unbelievable.

The artist say, “I “paint” with wool and fur to create naturally textured and realistic pet portraits!”.

The artist says, the use of wool’s and furs helps her to give her that natural and realistic look in her portraits which she believes is amazing.

Here are the portraits by the artist which are hard to believe as they are really made by wool’s and furs.

#1 Wow. The painting made by wool and fur.

#2. Louie.

#3. Ness.

#4. Wool portrait by Sarah Vaci.

#5. Amazing.





Source : Bored Panda: https://www.boredpanda.com/you-wont-believe-what-these-pet-portraits-are-made-with/?utm_source=google &utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic