Anybody who’ s ever noticed Great Eats knows that Alton Brown ’s fridge is usually filled with tidy Tupperware containers and various containers full of carefully crafted home made food you’ll probably never ever get around to making yourself. Nevertheless , according to The Wrap , NOT REALLY TODAY, SATAN! Today, such as many of us, Alton is going on the things i like to call a food rumspringa to get himself by means of this election.

Yesterday, Alton continued an epic Twitter rant outlining all the trashy unhealthy foods he plans to consume, such as “ CANNED FRESH FRUIT SALAD AND CHEEZE WIZ WITH HERSHEY’ S VISCOUS, THICK TREACLE AND GIN, ” and how he’s gonna consume it, “ NUDE IN THE SHOWER WITH A CONTAINER OF JAEGER. ” It’s big Election 2020 energy coming from a self-reported “ Thyme Lord . ” The Wrap reviews:

Upon Monday afternoon, celebrity cooking and Food Network character Alton Brown embodied what exactly is probably the feelings of a lots of people on the day before the political election with a hilarious pre-election Tweets rant that pretty much have got to the heart of this super demanding time.

This kicked off unassumingly sufficient at 4: 49 l. m. PT, when the “Good Eats” host tweeted “No matter what happens tomorrow, we will still have tiny chocolate doughnuts. ” This true declaration (good lord this political election is stressful you guys) lived by itself for precisely an hour, until at five: 49 p. m. Dark brown followed it with “I’m seriously thinking about @LittleDebbie #NuttyBars and cigarettes. Honestly, such as at the same time. ”

Apparently, Alton sprang off for about an hour, placing himself at the fringes associated with Polite Food Network Culture.

Here are some of my brand new, favorite, vaguely threatening Alton Brown recipes to try these days, and possibly every day, depending on the results of the election. If Biden/Harris wins, I can’t guarantee I’ll stick to a rigorous whole foods diet full of nutrients and fiber, when they don’t, will I also need a liver or pancreatic anymore?

Alton wrapped up their rant by suggesting he may “ turn off the particular lights and run twenty three Slim Jims through the quality juicer ” before requesting “ Who’ h with me? ” After all, I am, in spirit. Yet as much as I appreciate their chaotic energy and very a lot would like to try Grapenuts along with scotch, I don’ capital t have any of that clips in the house. I voted days ago and have no programs to come out from under the mattress until I know that it’ s safe. I will consume spiders and cat curly hair if I have to.

Pic: Wenn. possuindo