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It’s been two weeks since Brad Pitt made Dr. Anthony Fauci’s dreams come true with a spot-on impression on a virtual episode of Saturday Night Live (or SNL at Home). Well, last night the NBC staple was back with another remote broadcast in honor of the show’s season finale. Only this time, the main event wasn’t one silver fox portraying another silver fox. It was Alec Baldwin portraying an orange turd––and (maybe?) for the very last time.

For the most part, last night’s show continued to prove that people will do anything NOT to read a book––I mean, I know it’s a Saturday night, but we’re all really that desperate for television that we’d watch grainy, at-home improv skits featuring Pete Davidson? Yes, we are!

Kristen Wiig hosted last night’s season finale (with musical guests, Boyz II Men!!), and gave a heartfelt Mother’s Day tribute that somehow managed to feature a joke about breastfeeding and raw chicken breasts. And some took that to mean that she’s announcing she’s pregnant. But beyond Kristen’s womb situation….

Alec, of course, was the star of the night, opening the show with another cringe-worthy Trump-led skit (where he basically just repeated every stupid thing Trump has actually said in the last two weeks) that also featured bleach drinking, whining, and of course, the obligatory pussy-grabbing joke. Alec then signed off with a statement that many are claiming is a sign that he’s finally done impersonating Trump, or it could just mean he’s done with that at-home shit.

 “And taped from my home, one last time,” he said, “it’s Saturday night.” 

Other famous people who contributed bits from their homes included Josh Gad, Martin Short, Danny Trejo, and Tina Fey.

Sadly, (or thankfully, whatever you feel), this will be the last SNL at Home until next season, after the crew wrapped 19 of its 21-episode order. No plans or details have been released as to when or if the 46th season will be virtual or in-studio. And when they do come back, hopefully the true star of SNL At Home, Kate McKinnon’s cat Nino Positano, will be upgraded from featured player to regular:

Although, Lorne Michaels probably can’t afford that puss and the rest of the cast would refuse to perform knowing damn well that pussy will easily show them up and easily become the most popular cast member… just by sleeping.

Here’s some of last night’s skits including Alec Baldwin’s Graduation-themed Trump opener:

Kristen Wiig’s monologue:

Masterclass: Quarantine Edition, featuring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, John Mulaney and Britney Spears:

Pete Davidson and Danny Trejo:

Mother’s Day Message from Tina Fey:

Cecily Strong as Jeanine Pirro:

A public service announcement featuring the entire cast:

Dreams from the entire cast:


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