Most dogs would hate the idea of sharing the house with another dog, at least at first, but not the Golden Retriever named Toby. Recently, Toby’s owner Josh Mackow, from Melbourne, Australia, brought home a furry little golden retriever named Ollie. He wasn’t sure how Toby would react after seeing the new member, but to his surprise, Toby fell in love with the 8-week-old puppy right away. 

Mackow, who regularly shares videos of Toby on Youtube, filmed their first meeting and it’s super adorable. Toby is seen jumping and running around the kitchen expressing his excitement to see his little brother. Ollie on the other hand, is seen sitting and walking quietly trying to gauge the situation but he soon realizes how sweet his big brother is and he’s even seen playing with his tail while he slept.

The clip below has two parts, first when Ollie came home and part two shows their play session in the backyard next morning. You’ll see a gradual progress in their relationship just in one day in the clip below. “This is the night and the next morning! He was so cute thrugh all of this,” Mackow wrote.

Check out the clip below. You’ll be compelled to replay it over and over again. 

(Source: Little Things)