Chrissy Corbitt, now mother-of-four was super excited to welcome her fourth baby. While pregnant, her belly was enoromous but she still didn’t expect any major surprises, until the day of birth. On May 15th, Chrissy went into labor and doctors performed C-section to deliver the baby. The delivery went relatively smooth and imeditely after the birth, Chrissy started hearing doctors laughing and sighing with joy. Then she started hearing numbers which was actually doctors guessing the baby’s weight. Chrissy’s little newborn weighed a staggering 13.5 pounds (6 kgs). Everyone including Chrissy were shocked. She named the baby Carleigh.


Source: Facebook

Chrissy’s doctor confirmed that he had never delivered a baby that weighed that much. Adorable Carleigh is nearly twice as big as an average newborn child and looks like a 6-month-old toddler.

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