As if 2020 was not already one of the worst many years on record, it simply served us another disastrous blow.

Actor or actress Rick Moranis , best known for showing up in classics like Ghostbusters and Darling, I Shrunk The Kids , was the victim of an intense, unprovoked attack while strolling through Manhattan’s Upper Western Side neighborhood on Thurs morning.

In case your blood is boiling currently, trust us, you’re not really the only one.

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According to police video and photos released upon Friday, the incident took place around half past seven in the morning on West 70th Street near Central Recreation area West. Moranis could be observed walking down a pavement when the unidentified male opponent violently sucker-punched him away from nowhere. Ugh! The opponent kept walking after this individual delivered the blow and today the Nyc Police Department is looking for any leads upon identifying him. Get an obvious look at that douchebag in the video (below) and help the professionals out with this one, y’all.

We’re thankful to record that Rick is doing alright after the scary assault, yet he didn’t come out of this unscathed. The 67-year-old harm his head, back, plus hip — but was capable of take himself to the medical center, and later, to the law enforcement station to report so what happened.

Additionally , Moranis’ rep Troy Bailey left a comment on the incident in a composed statement, which read:

“Rick Moranis was assaulted on the Higher West Side yesterday. They are fine but grateful intended for everyone’s thoughts and nicely wishes. ”

We’re seriously therefore glad to hear he’s around the mend and it’s not simply because he’s a beloved professional: this is pretty messed up plus unjustifiable for anyone. 2020 continues to be insufferable, but can all of us not walk down the street within peace anymore?!

More to that point, even though, Rick truly is among the majority of admired in Hollywood. Right after rising to fame within breakout roles through the ’80s, he left the industry right after his wife Anne Moranis died of cancer within 1991 to raise their 2 children Rachel and Mitchell full-time. He only lately started to come back into the community eye as his children got older, and he is set to star in the brand new Honey, I actually Shrunk The Kids sequel alongside Josh Gad . This particular man is a treasure!

Speaking of, here’s exactly how Gad reacted to the information on Tweets (below):

Philip Evans furthermore seemed to perfectly capture the particular public’s reaction to the disappointing news. He fumed:

Ryan Reynolds , who recently enlisted Moranis for a fun new industrial where they poked enjoyable at his Hollywood zwischenzeit, also commented:

Seriously. We are sending Rick our best plus hope there are no lurking serious injuries! Rest upward.

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April 02, 2020 13: 47pm PDT

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