Poor  Doctor Anthony Fauci .

The good doc, who will be the nation’s leading contagious disease expert and has long been on the forefront of our collective fight against the coronavirus, now has a bone to choose with President Donald Trump ! Plus that’s because Trump had taken a quote from Fauci and wrapped it up within misleading context as part of a brand new ad for his advertising campaign before next month’s presidential selection .

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In the ad, that you can see on video completely (below), a narrator touts Trump’s supposedly strong response to the COVID-19 outbreak with a bunch of half-truths plus ridiculous statements. Which, good, that’s what a campaign advertisement is — all half truths s**t.

Yet as you can see near the end from the ad itself, it’s any time a clip of Fauci appears that we really must take serious notice here, as he is cited as saying “I can not imagine that anybody could be carrying out more. ”

Trump’s campaign team went with that old quote plus, well, here we are:

[embedded content]

As a public stalwart and career civil provider worker who only really wants to help the American individuals regardless of who’s in energy, the use of his comments for the campaign ad terrified Doctor Fauci.

The particular infectious disease expert informed CNN on Sunday that will his comments were misquoted, and he was not referring to Trump but rather the career public health care professionals who were working around the clock to respond towards the pandemic (below):

“In my nearly five years of public service, I got never publicly endorsed any kind of political candidate. The comments related to me without my authorization in the GOP campaign advertisement were taken out of context from the broad statement I produced months ago about the initiatives of federal public wellness officials ”

It is a cynical ploy by Trump administration to use Fauci’s name and reputation in a way, of course. But the President may increasingly do anything to attempt to win next month’s selection as times get eager —  especially considering how terribly he bungled his real coronavirus response over the past 8 or so months.

And of course, Fauci is wildly well-known in America , and Trump is not. So , that may have got something to do with it. Trump usually hates when people are more preferred than he is!! (Which is in fact kind of ironic because, vender alert: barely anybody prefers Trump! ) Just stating!!!

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Anyways, what do Oughout make of this hilariously plus offensively misleading Fauci advertisement, Perezcious readers?! Poor Physician Fauci. Just quit issue is the way you’re obtaining treated, man!

Then again, maybe he’s keeping out hope  Later on Biden may win the Presidency plus restore some normalcy towards the whole office.

Doesn’t that sound fine right about now…

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April 11, 2020 13: 41pm PDT

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