Australian ABC newsreader Natasha Exelby experienced the most hilarious moment of her life ON-AIR and she’s now an internet sensation. Exelby was in the studio while directors played a pre-recorded segment. When the cameras cut back to the studio LIVE, Exelby was captured fiddling with a pen and seemed quite lost, daydreaming for a few seconds before she realized that she was on-air. She jumped on her seat, gasped and read the news like nothing happened which is super hysterical. Though, the news anchor did her best to maintain her composure, the few seconds before reading the news is making the internet laugh out loud. Many people and journalists have tweeted in Exelby’s support stating that it was a ‘natural’ and ‘funny’ moment. However, ABC doesn’t see it that way as it has been reported that the network has banned Exelby from doing any on-air segments in the future. 

Source: New York Post

So far, Exelby hasn’t spoken out about the incident. But it turns out that this wasn’t the first time she goofed up on-air. Last year, the news anchor was caught giggling while reading serious news about violent protests in Brazil. She later apologized for her behavior. 

(Source: Daily Time)