Artist showed a unique creation of monsters from Pokemon’s. He showed that good creatures can be monsters too moreover change into monsters afterwards being a good creature.

Pokemon is a really great animated show furthermore every 90’s kids cherished it. The ultimate show of Cartoon Network that wrapped  every child in its fantasy.

Source says, “We all know the cuddly little creatures called Pokémon, and although a few of them look scary, for the most part, the ‘PocketMONSTER’ name doesn’t apply to most of the little critters. So I went to the drawing board and reimagined some of them as real monsters. Tell me if I did a good job”.

Here are the pictures by the artist of Pocket Monsters.

#1. Lapras.

#2. Picachu.

#3. Squirtle.

#4. Chansey.

#5. Dratini.



Source : Bored Panda