A exotic system in the Caribbean can develop into the seventh called storm of the Atlantic storm season. Even if it doesn’ t form, the system brings heavy rain and raining conditions to the Gulf Coast over the weekend.

The National Hurricane Center says the system includes a 40 percent chance of building into a tropical storm over the following five days.

“ Even if this does not really become a tropical storm you’ lso are still likely going to possess rip currents, high browse, and heavy rain in certain locations, ” CNN Meteorologist Allison Chinchar said.

The system could remove 4 to 10 ins of rain onto areas of the Gulf Coast plus inland Texas, creating a significant flooding threat.

Afternoon storms this week may dump several inches associated with rain on major city areas like Houston plus Lafayette before this system influences the Gulf.

Certain areas of Texas, which includes Austin and San Antonio, will also see heavy rainfall and a possible flood risk as the system moves away from the coast over the weekend and early in a few days.

The country is particularly vulnerable to weather events right this moment because of COVID-19 , which makes it more difficult for people to evacuate when needed. Pet shelters might not be available, and if these are, evacuees might face packed quarters and potentially needing to share supplies.

“ Storms this year are very different from any other year since you have to factor COVID in, ” Chinchar stated. “ It doesn’ big t have to be a really big thunderstorm to become a big deal. ”

The CNN Wire contributed to this review.