A father who is a photographer and cannot resist to take his five beautiful children’s pictures everyday hence he created an art.

He said, “I spend my days chasing little once, making memories, doing seventeen loads of laundry every day, and snacking on dark chocolate. When I have a five seconds of free time I take creative pictures of my kids! Enjoy!”

A photographer is a very creative man who’s mind is filled with lots of imagination and hence want to let if flow into the real world.

Here are some pictures by the photographer who’s a father and loves his children a lot.

#1. Five Happy Children. 

#2. Hey, you there? I am gonna protect you. 

#3. My weight lifting training. 

#4. I am a body builder. 

#5. Hey little Angel. 

#6. We are the  hair stylist.

#7. It’s my birthday.  

#8. My two apple of the eye. 

#9. My bed time stories. 

#10. Good night. Sweet dreams. 



Source : Bored Panda