A photographer captures beauty by a reflection of a mirror which turned out to be too beautiful. He use Spherical reflection mirror to capture beauty.

Sebastian Magnani said, “It’s  all about the great thing about mirrored mild. It’s like a universe, a small planet, with a number or risk’s in distinction of buildings, colors, moods and numerous lightnings, the fascination of interaction like nature and civilization, or the gravitation between life and death, such as in the rose blossoms, in which the tree in the mirror full of life and color radiates, on the floor, the sheet but already on is wilting. And finally, a really important thing, the key for self- development, self-reflection, which is always crucial to progress. Compare new with the old, removed again, be fond of discovery, then back to the origins, an interplay that keeps us moving, we can feel the life”.

He gave rise to a new form of art which really depicts the beauty of nature.

Here are the pictures by Sebastain, a new form of art ( mirror reflection pictures).













Source : Bored Panda