Artist Weng Chen illustrates pain of being a parent. To be a parent is seriously very tough job to do. Nevertheless it’s a responsibility and hence a great experience.

Parenting job is not easy but hence it gives us both joy and pain. To be expecting is really a joyous experience for a mom furthermore its a work of great responsibility.

Source says, “Weng Chen’s accurate illustrations show that raising children is both really hard and really fun. She based most of her pictures on her own parenting experience. Even though having children brings a lot of happiness, it can also cause a little pain”.

Here are the pictures by the artist which laid down illustrations of being a mother.

#1. Cuteness overloaded.

#2. Respiratory system.

#3. Never gets alone time.

#4. Little pleasure pain.

#5. Hello mom, play with me, please?

#6. What are you doing mom?

#7. Let’s play daddy.

#8. Head Bang.

#9. Poop.



Source:  Bright Side