To help one another is an act of kindness and we should do it more often. One lady made blankets for our fur friends with love.

Winter always comes with a bang and noteworthy our fur friends suffers a lot due to this cold weather. Furthermore everyone should stand up and help these fur babies to survive this climate change and make a better world for these fur babies.

One 89 year’s old lady being respective of old stood up for them and made 45o blankets for these dogs. There are some homeless dogs, street dogs or moreover animal rescue shelter.

Source says, “However, one particular lady stood out from the crowd of kind-hearted helpers. The 89-year-old Maisie Green from the UK has knitted over 450 blankets to help dogs at the shelter stay warm during the cold nights they spend in kennels”.

#1. Thank you for these gifts.

#2. Beautiful  and warm cloth.

#3. I feel comfy in it. 

#4. The lady who made 450 blankets for Dogs Trust animal shelter.

#5. It’s so warm. 

#6. I am comfortable here. 

#7. Let me sleep in bliss please. 

#8. I love you hooman. 



Source : Bored Panda