Friday has been apparently the final day to get witnesses in  Ashton Depp ‘ ersus libel trial.

While he’ s suing  The Sun for calling him the “ wife-beater” in an op-ed headline, the real fight can be between the  Buccaneers of the Caribbean star and his ex  Amber Heard as he’ s endeavoring to prove her accusations associated with domestic violence are only a “ hoax. ”

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This week continues to be all about Sunlight ‘ s witnesses, mostly Amber (and the girl friends) doubling down on the particular abuse claims — plus defending against her own claims of abusing Johnny.

So was generally there anything new on the last day? Some  Legislation & Order twist to change everything? Ch-ch-check out our recap (below)!

The Horrifying Threat

iO Tillet Wright testified on Friday about the notorious fight at the end of the couple’ s marriage in May 2016, in which Johnny is offender of throwing a cell phone at Amber’ s encounter.

What does Amber’ s pal know? Evidently he was a witness towards the whole thing as he was in the phone with the  Aquaman superstar for some of it!

The writer told the particular court via videolink it had been during a conversation that Ashton suddenly came at Silpada, screaming at her in order to “ get out of the house. ” Then there came an audio, iO said, like a cell phone being dropped on the floor, and after that he heard his friend’ s voice “ state something like ‘ you just put the phone at my face. ‘”

He claims Ashton replied:

“ Oh, you believe I hit you, you believe I hit you. What happens if I peel your hair back again? ”

Yeesh! That’ s terrible!

The 34-year-old said he heard  “ what sounded like a weep or a yelp” and then Emerald shouting out for him in order to “ call 911, ” which he then hung upward and did.

iO further testified Ashton was not just upset yet “ in a froth” on the ppo on the bed event. Amber herself denied which was her, blaming the canines instead. Her friend supported her up, saying Ashton suffered from “ paranoid delusions. ”

‘ Johnny Prefer to Destroy Me’

Another witness that heard the couple’ ersus intense fights was Amber’ s acting coach,   Kristina Sexton , who made clear she never ever saw any physical violence yet definitely was aware of “ emotional violence. ”

She testified the girl at times heard “ real arguments happening in the some other room” and claimed Silpada once told her:

“ Ashton would rather destroy me compared to let me go. ”

Whoa! RED LIGHT! That is some  Life time movie scariness. What were the arguements about? Well, as we’ ve heard a lot in this trial, jealousy. Sexton remembered:

“ She started informing me that he was accusing everyone of being in love with the girl and accusing her associated with wielding her sexuality at all times. She also told me which he was constantly upset regarding her ex-partners. She informed me he was worried about the girl having affairs with co-stars. ”

The acting coach furthermore corroborates the claim Johnny had been trying to stop Amber through doing movies with nudity or even sex scenes , stating:

“ She started informing me that she couldn’ t do certain functions because he didn’ t wish her doing ‘ slut parts. ‘”

Ew. Seriously that’ s awful.

The acting coach continued to say she and Silpada had discussions about how Ashton “ really wanted these to have children” but that will she wasn’ t prepared to do that while he had been still an addict:

“ I remember her telling myself that he wanted her ‘ barefoot and pregnant — and at home’ and the girl saying, ‘ I’ meters not going off the tablet. I don’ t wish to have kids with an addict. ’ We had this conversation numerous times over the course of their connection. ”

Sexton testified Amber informed her about the physical abuse just after she had submitted for divorce.

‘ Urinating At the Furniture’

Another friend of Amber’ s,   Raquel “ Rocky” Pennington took the remain as well, revealing some of the most dreadful acts of violence Ashton committed — at least that will Amber told her about.

Speaking about the infamous fingertip incident , Rocky supported Amber’ s story, exposing what she was informed:

“ She said that he or she was throwing glass containers at her, and there was clearly broken glass all over the surface which cut her foot. She said he supported her up against a pub and she was trying to assistance herself but her hands were sliding down and having cut by broken cup.   Amber told me that will at this point Johnny ripped off the girl nightgown and she was nude on the ground, all wet along with alcohol, and bleeding.   Amber told me that at some time during this fight Johnny experienced cut the tip of their finger off. ”

That is certainly Amber’ s side associated with events, exactly as she mentioned it in her own op-ed. Rocky said she do see some proof:

“ Amber showed me photos of painted messages Ashton had written all over the rental home in paint and his personal blood. She said that while she had gone to get outfitted he had dipped his weakling finger in paint plus written all over the walls as well as the lampshades. ”

But that wasn’ t the only mark he or she made on the territory…

“ She said she emerged down and he was peeing on the furniture and had broke the television. ”

If that’ t true, if he actually was peeing all over the furniture, their complaint about the poop within the bed is a little hypocritical.

Rocky also mentioned she “ voiced the concerns to Amber that will Johnny might accidentally eliminate her while he had been intoxicated or delusional such as he was in Australia. ”

If almost everything Amber has said about that vacation is true, it was a valid concern…

Television Shocker

Perhaps the most courtroom drama-style shocker moment came throughout the cross-examination of Amber’ s i9000 sister  Whitney Henriquez .

Whitney testified previously she observed Johnny being abusive (more on that incident HERE ) and claimed the lady had never been actually assaulted by Amber.

It was that 2nd part Johnny’ s lawful team used to impugn the girl credibility. They showed a from a previously unreleased television show from the mid-to-late 2000s, showing Whitney in a swimming pool with some other women. Within the clip, the women ask Whitney about the fight with her cousin, with one being noticed saying:

“ I can’ t believe Amber defeat your ass. I know you are able to beat her ass. ”

One more asks:

“ Did you truly start the fight with your own sister? Or did the lady start it? ”

Whitney states only:

“ I don’ t want to talk about this. ”

However , she does permit the women to apparently go over marks on her arms, neck of the guitar, and chin. One once again voices, looking at the evidence:

“ She really did mix your ass. ”

Johnny’ h lawyer contended this was evidence Whitney was “ lying” when she claimed the girl sister was “ in no way violent” towards her.

Welp. We imagine that’ s the end from it.

Did any one of this change your mind at all, Perezcious readers?