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Four days (or could it be decades? ) into this particular election, and the lawsuits are actually flying. Sitting president Donald Trump has mounted situations in no fewer than three claims , and the International Flipped Over Turtle Alliance offers filed one against CNN’s Anderson Cooper for slander, defamation, emotional abuse, plus intolerable cruelty after he or she called the President “ an obese turtle in the back flailing in the warm sun. ” All of us knew this was going to be considered a gloves-off election, but some people feel that Anderson took items a step too far causing excellent harm and humiliation towards the innocent overturned turtle neighborhood in a desperate attempt to safe the title of CNN’s resident edgelord.

Slate reports:

On Thursday night, President Donald Trump delivered a speech through the White House press briefing room in which he baselessly claimed that the election had been stolen from him. Wire news networks swiftly denounced the president’s lies, along with MSNBC, NBC, ABC, plus CBS all cutting far from the press conference although it was still in progress. Also Fox News, which carried on to carry the briefing, mentioned there was no evidence of scams.

CNN’s anchors were harsher, with Mike Tapper calling the chief executive “pathetic” and Dana Party calling him “dangerous” plus “nonsensical. ” It was Anderson Cooper’s retort, though, that will became the soundbite from the night. “That is the leader of the United States, ” Cooper mentioned. “That is the most powerful individual in the world. We see your pet like an obese turtle in the back flailing in the sizzling hot sun, realizing his period is over. ”

Here’s a video of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for that Anderson Cooper Presidential Reading through Library.

While many are partying Anderson’s sick burn, other people felt that poking enjoyable at the President’s weight using the term “ overweight ” was unwanted and unoriginal.

Personally, my initial question was how do you also know if a turtle will be obese? Turns out, you can completely tell, and being overweight may severely affect their flexibility. According to VetStreet :

If you’re unsure whether you’ve even observed a fat turtle, it is likely you haven’t. Possibly one, you won’t overlook it. It looks like an average turtle but with an higher shell (the carapace) and also a lower shell (the plastron) that look like they are several sizes too small. Body fat bulges out from their armpits and in front of their back again legs. Sometimes their necks are so fat that they can not pull their heads back to their shells. Excessively overweight turtles may not even be able to keep weight on their legs upon land and sit beached, like paperweights, until these are back in the water and buoyant. Even in water, their flexibility is limited. Turtles typically turn out to be fat living in small storage containers with little room in order to swim and by consuming too much amounts of high-starch pellets that will float at the top of their reservoirs until they have eaten all of them.

Therefore it is entirely possible that Anderson wasn’t having a pop at the president’s bodyweight, but rather, his insult will be fact-based and therefore scientifically destructive. And we KNOW Anderson includes a passion for turtles. He or she told us so throughout his first-ever live transmit appearance!

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