When it comes to national politics, America reached certified WTF levels a long, long time back. But KILOWATT Miller , a congressional candidate from Florida (WHERE ELSE?! ), took items to new levels by heading off on a Twitter rant about Beyonce’ s generous agenda and accused the girl of really being an Italian language woman named  Ann Marie Lastrassi . That will conspiracy theory was born upon Twitter and it was simply a joke invented to bring focus on the police-killing of Breonna Taylor. Yes, this is where we’ re at in the world.

Flapol says that will KW has no-party-affiliation  and it is running for Florida’ h 18th Congressional District. Hashtagging #QAnon and #Trump2020, this individual told us THE TRUTH about Fakeyonce and let us know that she’ s  “ upon notice” on her George Soros -related “ Deep State agenda” :

But the REALITY about Ann Marie Lastrassi was invented by Tweets user Bracarvs .   If you feel the thread below,   you’ ll learn the tea upon Miss Lasrassi who is section of the Illuminati and is possibly associated with Lady Coo (both Italian) and is the long-lost mom of Ariana Grande . It’ t a joke– it was among the Breonna Taylor memes designed to bring attention to the fact that the authorities officers who killed the girl were still not caught. It’ s not at all true and was based on a good Instagram comment:

Well, this joke/meme offers spiraled, and now KW plus probably a bunch of other people in fact believe it. Careful that which you write on the internet, kids, you might start a conspiracy that Beyoncé is really white.

KW continued to golf swing at the Beyhive and held the Beyoncé hatred moving suggesting that she was obviously a “ Moloch” -worshipping heathen. Indeed, he took it back in order to motherfucking Moloch .   But he wasn’ t even close to becoming done and linked the girl conspiratorial ways to Bill Gates , Dark Lives Matter, and recommended “ Becky with the good hair” was a Soros “ operative. ”

Also, and Patti LaBelle , Barack Obama , plus Susan Grain are also most in on it with the Clintons .

Even Cyndi Lauper jumped in to defend Patti:

Since this is Florida we’ re talking about, KW Burns is probably going to win right after he spreads more conspiracy theory theories like how  Taylor Swift is definitely an immortal black woman dealing with Todrick Hall to turn everyone gay and lesbian. And  Julia Roberts actually can have performed Harriet Tubman mainly because she too is also the black woman from the cardiovascular of Ghana. And Terry Crews can also be a blackphishing white individual who is the QAnon/Truther double-agent.

And expect presidential candidate Kanye West in order to endorse KW Miller within 3… 2 ..

Pic: Falls. com