At four years old a dog was rescued by a very loving family. They found her on a train wreck and as soon as they saw this dog they decided to take her to an animal shelter.

They treated her as soon as possible and gave her a second chance. For a few years she was at a animal shelter and  then somehow, somebody visited and planned to adopt her.

They did not only adopt Lilly but also welcomed her into their family with love. After a few months, living at an animal shelter she faced many problems in adjusting with a new family but somehow she managed to adapt that feeling.

Now, the youngest child of the family loves her a lot and she’s her best friend as well. Lilly is also really very happy with them and gives them unconditional love in return for love and happiness.

Here are the pictures of fostered dog (Lilly) and his lovely and small family.

#1. When she was four years old Lilly. 

#2. A family picture with Lilly. 

#3. First time when she got her own bed. 

#4. Ready for bed. 

#5. While she was recovering.

#6. Look at her cuteness. 

#7. Sleepy baby girl. 

#8. When she was scared and low on energy. 

#9. Oh, sleepy head.

#10. They love Lilly a lot and like to spend every moment with her. 


#11. When Lilly was adopted. 

#12. When she was abandoned and rescued by a loving family.

#13. She loves to sleep and eat. 

#14. She loves her bed  as much as her sleep.

#15. She just loves her afternoon nap with daddy. 


Source: Bored Panda