Audra Petraskiene found a puppy near a river and noticed something strange. She found a dog with a metal anchor tied around his neck and and decided to take some action immediately.

She was traveling to a small town in Lithuania when she noticed something strange near a river. She saw a dog shivering with fear who had a heavy metal anchor tied around his neck and the poor pup struggled to swim out of the river.

The woman’s heart was filled with compassion and she took him to a vet. The vet said that the dog was unharmed and needed some rest.


It was pretty obvious to Audra that someone tried to kill the little puppy by tying that heavy metal anchor on his neck and leaving him in the river to die.

The doctor removed the metal anchor from his neck and treated the pup for minor injuries.

Audra took took the pooch home, fed him and took care of him for the next few weeks.



Audra reported the incident and shared the gruesome story on social media.

Her post went viral and the dog owner showed up and tried to claim the puppy but Audra did not allow him to do so.

He consequently reported that he did not cause any harm to the dog and claimed that the dog ran away from home.



Source: boredpnda: Bored Panda