In Easter you will see this cute little thing. A dog is celebrating Easter festival with his family with love and eggs. Furthermore it’s a good thing to involve dear once in your little things you do in your life.

Source says, “Easter – all about eggs and chickens and yellow. Me and my kelpie played around with the Easter-theme, and the result is full of her personality and will make you smile!”

Easter is a time for love in which we celebrates Jesus Christ resurrection therefore we celebrate it with eggs and some delicious chicken dinner.

The most beautiful thing you will notice today is that a dog is celebrating Easter with human beings.

Here are the pictures by the artist.

#1. Easter eggs anyone?

#2. Cute little thing. 

#3. Hunting.

#4. Tasty tasty.

#5. Finally a Chicken Dinner. 

#6. A dog  playing  with an egg.


Source :  Bored Panda