A chow chow breed named Rasta got rescued by an animal shelter whom they found it out on the street. He was in very critical condition outside and inside as well.

He is diagnostic with many diseases and hence still fighting beside it in many ways. The animal shelter, The Jacksonville is properly and continuously taking care of Rasta.

He has finally started to show off his breed as he is getting stronger and healthier day by day. According to animal shelter Rasta is five years old.

When Rasta was rescued he was weighted 43 lbs only which is relevant to having weakness in the body and therefore many diseases like, heart worm, kidney problem, he was not neutered so animal shelter neutered him as well.

His treatment has started as doctor has already started with his protein diet instead of medicine. Chow chow breed dogs are very difficult to be found on streets as they are recently discovered species and look alike teddy bear. Chow chow breed are very loving and hairy as well.

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