Books are really a good friend of yours and it can lead you to be imaginative and creative. A Bookworm turn his library into a masterpiece, a new form of art by his creativity and photography.

James Trevino, a twenty four years old boy befriended his books and it gave a rise to new form of art. He turned his library into an art. He collected all his books and depict one or two literary scene from his books.

His imagination and creativity is been depicted in his photographs which was taken while depicting a literary scene by books instead of items.

He has now more than thousands books in his library and plans to add more onto it.

Here are the pictures which gave rise to new form of  art by James Trevino “A self proclaimed bookstagrammer”.

#1. “He said the idea to start creating the pieces just sort of happened”.

#2. “First I was posting pictures of my then current read. With time the photos got more and more complex, influenced most by pop culture and sometimes by certain pictures I saw on Instagram”.

#3. He says, “Each scene goes through a process to create, he explained, First there is the brainstorming I do with my good friend Elizabeth”.

#4. “Then once we have a general idea, then me and Liz try to bring it as close as possible to our vision”.

#5. “If the concept proves to be too large to capture in a single frame. We combine two or more photos in post editing”.

#6. “The fact that the reactions have been so positive is a bit overwhelming, but also heartwarming”.




















Source: Architecture and Design