In April 2016, Amanda Berlin, a 911 dispatcher received a shocking call which changed her life forever and made her a hero. 

One evening, Berlin received an emergency call in which all she could hear was a woman screaming and arguing with her male companion. It was clear to Berlin that she was in trouble and had dialed 911 in a desperate need of help. Berlin wanted to help the caller but before she could trace the address, the caller hung up. That’s when she thought of using a newly introduced feature known as Smart911

Berlin, who had only been a dispatcher for 9 months, quickly used Smart911 feature which allows dispatchers to send a text message to the callers. She quickly sent a text message to the woman asking if she needed help and within seconds she received a reply: “Yes, please send help.”

The woman secretly texted Berlin who tracked down her address and sent help to rescue her. The attacker was arrested and the woman was unharmed. 

Berlin’s quick thinking was praised by people and encouraged everyone to use and register for Smart911 feature. The registration is absolutely free and all people need to do is enter important information like their medical history, home address and family information, so in case of emergency, dispatchers can send help as soon as possible. Check out the video for more information. 


(Source: Little Things)