When a 9-year-old learned that NASA is looking for a new Planetary Protection Officer, he was super excited and decided to apply for the job. The little boy penned a job application and sent it to the space agency hoping to get the position. 

“My name is Jack Davis and I would like to apply for the planetary protection officer job,” the young lad wrote. 

Thankfully, his letter caught the eye of NASA and they not replied to the boy’s letter but also shared it on social media to inspire other young kids to “study hard” and “do well in school”.

Jack, who’s a huge space fan, explained that his sister already thinks that he’s an alien and because he’s young he can learn to think like aliens. 

“One of the reasons is my sister says I am an alien, also I have seen almost all the space alien movies I can see,” he wrote. 

Jack’s letter was so sweet that the director of the Planetary Science Division took the time to reply to his letter. 

“Our Planetary Protection Officer position is really cool and is very important work,” Green wrote. “It’s about protecting Earth from tiny microbes when we bring back samples from the Moon, asteroids, and Mars.”

Check out the video:

(Source: Telegraph)