An 87-year-old grandma has made Microsoft paint her paint brush as she paints breathtaking art on her computer. Concha Garcia Zaera from Valencia, Spain, used to oil paint back in the day, however, over the years, the smell of chemicals in oils made her husband’s health issues worse. 

When that happened, the grandma got rid of all her paints and chose to fiddle with a computer gifted to her by her kids. 

“My husband fell ill and I had to take care of him, so I couldn’t go out very often,” Zaera said. 

“I began painting little things: first, a house, the next day I’d add a mountain… Step by step, I was adding details, and in the end, the result was a very pretty thing.”

“I have no imagination at all, so I get inspiration from the postcards that my husband used to send me or drawings that I find and like.”

The grandma enjoys painting on Microsoft paint and spends weeks, sometimes a month on a single project. 

So far, she has painted intricate scenaries and popular landmarks such as Valencia Cathedral and rooftops in Santorini. 

The grandma’s daughter shares her work on social media where she has garnered many followers and fans in the last months. 

“I was already on Facebook, but, as my granddaughter says: there are only old people there,” she said. 

“I do not understand very well why my drawings draw so much attention, I think they are very simple things,” she said.