As important as keeping the bathroom clean may be, it’s a task that’s generally ignored in most households. But what if we offer you a few genius and effortless hacks to tackle the bathroom cleaning business? You’d be surprised at how easily you can clean out the most neglected areas and items in your bathroom without using harmful chemicals. Here are 7 bathroom cleaning hacks to make your job ridiculously simple. 


1. Clean Bathroom Mirrors Using Tea Bags

Brew a strong glass of black tea and transfer the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the liquid all over the mirror and clean it up with a newspaper. 

2. Vinegar To Scrub The Shower

Fill a dish wand with vinegar and dish washing soap and scrub dirty corners in the shower. 

3. Use Lemon To Remove Hard Water Stains

To remove water stains from faucets and other fixtures, simply scrub with a lemon. It’ll be as good as new.  

4. Clean The Toilet Using White Vinegar

Pour white vinegar into the upper decker of the toilet then pour some into the bowl. Spray some on the toilet seat too and clean it out with a washcloth. 

For more cleaning hacks, check out the video below. 

Hope these tips were helpful. 

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