Planning a 6-year-old’s birthday party can be pretty pressuring but also quite simple because almost every little girl wishes to have a princess themed birthday party at that age. But planning Armani Crews’ birthday party was totally different and surprising for her parents because all she wanted for her 6th birthday was to feed homeless people. 

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Armani is a sweet girl with big heart. For months she had been asking her parents to let her feed the homeless but her parents didn’t think she was serious. But she was. She didn’t forget about it, not even on her birthday. 

When her parents asked her what she wanted for her birthday, Armani ecstatically said that she wanted to feed homeless people. That’s when they realized how much she wanted to do it. Armani’s father nicely explained to her that if they agreed to help her feed the homeless, she won’t be getting any birthday presents from them. The little girl happily agreed to their condition as she didn’t care for birthday presents.  

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Armani’s parent had set aside $300 for her birthday party and present which they happily spent on buying food and other supplies for homeless people. A few days before Armani’s birthday, her parents mentioned their girl’s birthday plans to someone at church. Before they knew it, donations and care packages came pouring in to help Armani fulfill her dream birthday.

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On Armani’s birthday, more than 100 homeless people showed up to accept her food and gifts. Armani told her parents that she wanted to celebrate her birthday with the less fortunate, so she cut a cake and gave out cookies and candies to everyone. 

(Source: Little Things)