At first glance, Basori Lal from Madhya Pradesh, India may look like a little boy but in reality, the man is 50-year-old. Lal’s height stopped growing at a very young age and he never grew past 29 inches. And today, he’s probably the shortest man alive. For years, he faced obstacles and became a victim of bullying but he always had the support of his extended family.

Lal lost his parents at a young age, after which he was raised by his uncle, however, due financial limitations, his family was never able to get him treated. In fact, to-date Lal’s condition is undiagnosed.

The little man has now become a local celebrity as numerous people visit him and like taking photos with him.

“People from different villages come to our house to see my brother, Lal’s brother said. “That’s a blessing for us. We feel proud that people love and care for Basori.”