Hopefully this winter won’t get as bad as the polar vortex period we experienced last year. For those of us in regions that experience cold weather (whatever, California and Florida…50 degrees does not count), the winter really tests our tolerance for snow, sleet, and ice.

But it isn’t just us humans who feel that bone-chilling cold. Despite being covered in fur, our pets have to keep warm during the winter months, too! Check out these absolutely adorable animals doing their best to stay cozy. Some employ more innovative tactics than others, but each and every one makes me want to cuddle up with them and a cup of cocoa.

1.) Booties are so in right now – especially when paired with a matching sweater.

2.) “Does this parka make me look fat?”

“I don’t care – it’s sooo warm!”

3.) “I don’t know about this circle scarf, you guys. It feels a little tight…”

“I’m digging the giraffe onesie though, makes my legs seem super long, right?

4.) Was this made for a baby or a dog – you decide.

5.) “Don’t tell Sally. She’ll kill me if she found out we did matchies on the reindeer hood. She’s been trying to get me to do a costume with her for YEARS.”

6.) “Damnit, guys! You told me to buy the wrong reindeer hood!”

7.) So what if they’re covered in soft, cozy fur? The sweaters combined with a group huddle makes them 100x warmer.

8.) Rats get cold, too, you know.

Good thing someone knitted this cutie a periwinkle sweater.

9.) Cold blooded? No problem.

10.) Sweatpant legs also make for a pretty great puppy burrito.

P.S. I’m going to need those later…

11.) “Winter is coming.”

*GAME OF THRONES SPOILER ALERT* Bundle up, it gets cold. As in harsh. As in everyone dies.

12.) A scarf for a human is perfect for swaddling puppies.

13.) “What’s this little pink thing with no fur that’s always crying?”

“Not sure, but it’s radiating heat. Let’s go sleep on it.”

14.) Motherhood at its warmest and most adorable point.

15.) “Warm fire on MA BELLY.”

“Thanks for building this fire for me, person. You can leave now.”

16.) “Hey, girl…”

“My human built this fire for us. Can I get you a bourbon to help you thaw from your last outs?”

17.) Turtlenecks are coming back in a big way.

18.) “Dunno why the floor right here is so warm, but I like it.”

19.) And this little piggy slept warm aaaaalll through the night.

20.) Overheating laptops are the worst for humans.

Not for birds, though!

21.) “How about the weather, these days?”

22.) Plaid is always a classic choice.

23.) As is argyle. The royal blue really brings out this guy’s eyes!

24.) “Don’t judge me.”


So, where’s that cocoa?

How do you keep warm in all this chilliness? Better yet, how does your pet stay warm?