These days, we can’t move for the sheer amount of ’90s memorabilia out there. From choker necklaces, to plastic backpacks and stonewash denim, if it’s from the ’90s, it apparently can do no wrong. It seems like all of the ’90s lovers out there have forgotten some of the nightmares of the decade and we think that, if they took a look back, they might count themselves lucky that they avoided the decade. From the bad, to the ugly, to the downright weird, here are the 20 things that we don’t miss from the ’90s.

Leather Trousers

There was a time when it was perfectly acceptable to go around in tight leather trousers. Thankfully, those days are over and as soon as the ’90s were dead, we were happy to bury the leather monstrosities we wore then with it.

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