One of the biggest hallmarks of video games is the boss fight — a head-on battle between the player and the strongest enemy up to that point, if not the final enemy. Usually, it’s a test of skill and wit; still, there are times when boss fights get so absurd and so esoteric that the creators behind them would sooner dive out the window than explain their thought processes. It’s high time to celebrate that absurdity — and question the method to so much madness — with this list of twenty unabashedly-weird boss fights.


In all honesty, there are plenty of bosses that one could pull from Persona 4; that’s to be expected when the good guys are going up against manifestations of inner turmoil. Despite that, Kunino-Sagiri deserves all the recognition it could get. It’s the capstone to one of the game’s most dramatic arcs, but instead of being some nightmarish demon, it’s a flying, giant-headed hippie that’s convinced it’s a savior — and is willing to kill a bunch of high school students with ice and mind control to do it. What a hero.

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