Some sections of filming for the Lord of The Rings consisted in the mountains of New Zealand. Sean Bean had such a great fear of flying that he refused a helicopter ride and instead hiked up the mountain each day.

Original Lord of the Rings

Stanley Kubrick originally had the idea of making a film adaptation of Lord of the Rings. Originally, he wanted The Beatles to star in the film but John Lennon thought the film would bomb.

Seventh Age

Tolkien stated that The Lord of the Rings takes place within our real world, which makes us living in the Seventh Age.

Elijah Wood Audition

Elijah Wood made an audition tape for the role of Frodo. He filmed it in the woods while wearing a homemade Frodo costume.

Journey Length

From the films, The Lord of the Rings seemed to take only a few weeks before Frodo was able to destroy the ring at Mount Doom. However, in the novels it took the entire group about 17 years before the ring was destroyed.

Nicolas Cage

The character Aragorn was originally offered to Nicolas Cage, but he turned it down due to “family obligations”.

The Battle Of Helm’s Deep

The Battle of Helm’s Deep took a total of four months to film and all of it was shot at night.


Every character within Fellowship of The Ring wears a wig besides Billy Jackson who plays Peter’s son. Apparently, Billy had perfect hobbit hair.

Budget Cut

Gandalf’s sword doesn’t glow in the Mines of Moria simply because there were budget cuts being made on the film.

Legolas Arrows

Orlando Bloom couldn’t fire the arrows as fast as it shows in the film. Most of the arrows are CGI.


Several cast members had injuries during the production of the three films. Viggo Mortensen had a broken toe, Brett Beatty dislocated his knee and Orlando Bloom had a cracked rib.


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