Did you know that a 9 volt battery is basically 6 AAA batteries attached together? Well, not many of us would know that. And similarly, there hundreds of everyday things that we know too less about. Have you ever wondered what the inside of a guitar looks like? Or what the inside of a grenade looks like? Well, see above. And check out 21 everyday things that you’ve never seen this way before. 

#1 This is what the inside of a pool table looks like

#2 The inside of the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. Who knew it was empty. 

#3 Inside of a tortoise’s skeleton

#4 The inside of a guitar

#5 This is what a Modern Battleship looks outside water

#6 Inside of a fire cracker

#7 CT scanner without a cover on it

#8 A very early embryo on the tip of a needle 

#9 This is how huge power line towers are installed 

#10 The underside of a lilly pad 

#11 Here’s what Deadmau5’s helmet looks like from the inside 

#12 How bricks are laid on the road in the Netherlands 

#13 Blood vessels of a hand

#14 Inside of a toothpaste tube

#15 What it’s like behind a bowling alley

#16 Inside of golf balls

#17 Inside of a Zippo lighter

#18 What an empty supermarket looks like

#19 The inside of a fuel dispenser at a fuel station

#20 Inside of a Redbox CD dispenser

Source: Bored Panda