The CBS comedy may be over and done, but it’s hard to forget it after a nine-season run, a sprawling story arc, enough laughs to fill a freight train, and pretty much everything related to Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney Stinson. So, fans who feel like taking a trip down memory lane — or an imaginary one to MacLaren’s Pub — are in luck, because here are twenty tidbits and facts so awesome they’re practically legendary. Or possimpible, as Barney might put it.

The Bro Code Is Real

Barney’s oft-referenced code of honor sees a lot of use in the show, complete with history lessons of dubious credibility (thanks to the ninjas, at the very least). Incidentally, he’s well off-base; in reality, the code only began to exist because he mentioned it in the show’s run — and more to the point, The Bro Code has been available for purchase since 2008. There’s no telling what effect it’ll have on men in the future, but at the very least the Code will have a genuine — albeit much less interesting — chronology to follow.

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