People often look to their favorite celebrities for aesthetical inspiration and ideas, but these 20 celebrities seem to have been inspired themselves by historical photographs. Fans have discovered historic portraits and paintings of historical figures that undeniably resemble some of the most popular people in the world. Some of these doppelgängers were famous figures themselves, whilst others are largely unknown, but their resemblance to these celebrities is still shocking. Here are 20 celebrities and their historical doppelgängers you have to see to believe.

Harry Styles

The 21-year-old member of popular boyband One Direction, Harry Styles, looks just like the man in this painting. It appears they even share a hairdresser and this man may have lent Harry his hat.

Chuck Norris

75-year-old actor and martial artist Chuck Norris has been the butt of many jokes throughout his career. His doppelgänger, artist Vincent Van Gogh, has also been poked fun at for years because he cut his ear off in 1888.

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