It’s been said that dogs are “man’s best friend” and this list only proves that to be further true. Studies have shown that pets, specifically dogs, can cause a soothing sensation to anyone, and can be particularly helpful to soldiers or veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The pets can draw out withdrawn personalities, and having to praise the animals has been shown to help traumatized veterans get over emotional numbness. Teaching the dogs service commands develops a patient’s ability to communicate, to be assertive but not aggressive, a distinction that a lot of soldiers and veterans struggle with. These heartwarming photos of soldiers from different sides of different wars with various animals prove that there is good and kindness everywhere, even in the roughest people in the world.

Dog Kissing Soldier

The belief in the healing power of a dog’s tongue dates back to ancient Egypt and has continued throughout history. In modern France, they have a saying that translates to “A dog’s tongue is a doctor’s tongue.” Not to mention the smile it put on this soldier’s face.

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