The existence of aliens has always been something of a mystery. People around the world are torn between two sides: either aliens exist and they are out there watching our every movements, or they don’t exist and we are alone in the universe. Neither side can confirm nor deny whether their outlook is the truth, but that hasn’t stopped people from the former side from saying they’ve been abducted within their lifetime. These are some of the wildest, funniest, and most horrific tales of alien abduction.

The Hills

Betty and Barney Hill spent their vacation in Canada one year. On their drive home, the married couple assumed the light overhead was shooting star. However, the light quickly moved in an upward fashion, so they exited the vehicle in an attempt to discover what was happening. The two rushed to their vehicle when the light veered in their direction, but were said to not be quick enough. The couple apparently lost two hours of time following the incident. “Repressed memories” of an abduction were imprinted in their minds, however.

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