Canning Stock, Australia

These 1,150 miles through the desert is scary because it’s so remote. It can take up to 3 weeks to travel this dirt road and since you’ll only pass one or two aboriginal communities on your entire trip, you’ll want a really good handyman with you, a massive food supply, and have arranged your fuel drops in advance!

Stelvio Pass, Italy

This highway connects the Lombardy region of Italy with Austria, through the mighty massive Alps. It’s well paved, but with 48 hairpin turns and the magnificent distraction of the Alps as your backdrop, the Stelvio Pass is one dangerous beauty.

Skippers Canyon, New Zealand

There’s a good reason car insurance companies don’t cover accidents on the Skippers Canyon Road. You also must apply for a permit to drive it and despite the magnificent scenery; you’re in for 13 miles of mostly one-way passes and dead drops!

Kabul to Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Besides being in Taliban territory, this scary road from Kabul to Jalalabad is loaded with vertical drops and sharp turns. Add some unpaved roads to the mix and you have a hair-raising hour and a half journey that’s known to be a death trap.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

This one’s known as “Death Road.” The North Yungas Road in Bolivia is nearly 40 miles of narrow road with, you guessed it, no guardrails. Top that off with extreme invisibility due to fog, it’s no surprise that this road has claimed thousands of lives since its start in the 1930’s.

Transfăgărășan, Romania

This Transfăgărășan highway through the Carpathian Mountains is 56 miles of nerve-wracking hairpin turns, steep drops and tunnels in Romania. In spite of the beauty, it’s likely to cause some major motion sickness at the very least. Keep your eyes on the road with this one!

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