Cookies, peaches, and salsa. Sounds like the makings of a delicious meal. True if the place you’re ordering food is in America. But you may want to reconsider asking for ‘cookies’ in Hungary, ‘salsa’ in Korea and a ‘peach’ in Prague. You probably will get a round of disapproving looks from the locals!

There are cookies you should reconsider eating. And sometimes it’s healthier to have preservatives. Read below to find out when you may not want to ask if there are preservatives in your cookies!

The Cookie You Don’t Want to Chew

If we’re talking about cookies, bring on the chocolate chips and oatmeal raisins, right?! Not so fast. When in Hungary, you may want to reconsider gobbling these down.

Cookies (spelled Kuki) means small pe*is or weenie in Hungarian. Lost your appetite yet?

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