While a grown woman like myself struggles to apply eyeliner on a daily, there’s this 12-year-old BOY from England who can apply full make up in under 10 minutes. And if that wasn’t impressive enough for you, he shared his very first makeup tutorial on The Ellen Show recently. Reuben de Maid, an aspiring singer, loves to apply makeup on himself and he’s genuinely good at it.

The young boy told Ellen that his singing is his first lobe and his second love is make-up. Reuben has been into makeup since the age of eight and spent hours watching Youtube videos and reading blogs on how to apply make-up. 

The Welsh boy also shared that he tries to keep away from make-up while at school as ‘he gets told off often’. he also shared that he got bullied a lot and he is prepared for more but he is also prepared to stand up for himself now. “Before I used to get bullied a lot, I had friends but not a lot and in my drama group I used to get hit, punched and kicked”, he said. The bullying got so bad that he had to switch to another drama school. He’s doing much better now. 

Finally, Ellen gave Reuben a makeu-up table full of his favorite make-up and he shared a full faced make-up tutorial for the first time. Check out his incredible make-up tutorial on The Ellen Show. 


(Source: Daily Mail)