Camera phone is the best thing that happened to our generation. It lets us capture important and ut mostly ‘not so important’ moments without having to evaluate the level of importance unlike before. In this time and age, can you imagine buying rolls for your camera which only has about 30 something shots to capture moments? I remember my parents screaming at me when I mindlessly shot photos on that ancient camera. But times are different now and thanks to camera phones, we often end up capturing moments that wouldn’t be so impactful¬†or memorable if they weren’t photographed at the right moment. Surely, you must have photographed something exactly at the right time which must have made that photo worth preserving. If not, you’ll understand what we are talking about after seeing our list of perfectly timed photos below.¬†


#1 Flying Cat

#2 Oh Dear!

#3 Oops! Did she lay an egg?

#4 The Bride Is Just Horsing Around!

Source: getnarrative

#5 That’s One Brainy Squirrel

Source: getnarrative

#6 Nice Face!

Source: buzzfeed

#7 Cat-Man

Source: pessegadoro

#8 “Eww”

Source: viralnova

#9 He Should Be On The Runway!

Source: cyber-breeze

#10 Creepy!

Source: ebaumsworld

#11 “Woof”

#12 That Can’t Be Good!

Source: webneel

#13 And That’s A Smoked Cat For You

Source: teamjimmyjoe

#14 Oh Oh.. Good One!

Source: mashable

#15 Little Floating Head!

Source: lazypenguins

Hope you enjoyed these perfectly timed photos.