We’ve all been in the position of drooling over someone, who doesn’t pay attention to us. Friendzoned or not, we often get starstruck the moment our crush looks at us, resulting in an inability to do something about our deepest desires. We often seek help from relationship gurus, books, videos and even seminar, yet we get even more lost in the process, resulting in a depressive state of yearning. However, do not be worried, as LOLWOT has your back – here are the 11 of the weirdest ways you can ‘make’ your crush fall in love with you.

Ignore Them

It’s scientifically proven that the more a person thinks about something, the stronger the synapses in their brains are, resulting in an deep attachment. A common mistake, when flitrting with someone, is to go straight to them and try to get them on your side. This won’t work. Make sure to be the ‘mysterious’ type. Present yourself in the spotlight, make sure your crush notices you, but ignore them at all cost. Slowly, but surely, their interest will grow and ultimately lead to your dreams becoming a reality.

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