Most people have their go-to mixed drink that they love sipping after a long at work or over the weekend with friends. It’s the drink you’re comfortable with that you know you’ll enjoy. But maybe it’s time you get a little adventurous.

Take a step into the brave new world of molecular mixology. A different kind of mixed drink, far beyond your average rum ‘n coke recipe, these cocktails are works of science and art. They introduce you to new and exciting ways of experiencing flavors you know and love (along with brand new ones). These drinks are truly incredible – plus, they’re as much fun to look at as they are to make and drink, so you know they’ll be a hit at any party.

1.) Carbonated Mojito Spheres

Mojitos are sweet and delicious drinks, but these aren’t what you’re used to sipping – they’re better. The spheres take 24 hours to make and include complex ingredients such as calcium lactate gluconate. Find out how to make them here.

2.) Inside-Out Bloody Mary

Do brunch justice with this unique take on a Bloody Mary. Make your Bloody Mary mix first and freeze it in ice cube trays. Pour vodka over the cubes and as the ice melts, the ingredients mix right before your eyes! See the in-depth details here.

3.) Cocktail in an Ice Sphere

While this is a very complicated drink to make, the experience of drinking it more than makes up for the process. After the sphere freezes, your cocktail of choice is then injected into it with a syringe. Finally, you can either let it melt or crack it open with a special hammer.

4.) Don Julio Kaffir Margarita

This unusual cocktail is served in a frozen kaffir lime that’s been cut into the shape of a shot glass and filled with lime-infused tequila. Find the step-by-step here.

5.) The Bramble Cocktail Gel

Forget what you know about Jell-O shots. These grown-up versions are made using Plymouth Gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Find the how-to here.

6.) Blueberry Martini Jell-O Shots

This classy Jell-O shot is for all of you martini lovers out there. These are made by adding gelatin to a martini and then putting the mix in an ice cube tray for it to fully solidify.

7.) Bohemian Cocktail

Like most people, you may have daydreamed about all the different things you can add bacon to. Here’s a new one. This cocktail is made with homemade bacon-infused bourbon. Find the recipe here.

8.) White Sangria in Suspension

Really wow your guests with this gravity-defying drink. One key ingredient makes this sangria especially cool. Check out the details here.

9.) Candy Corn Shooters

These are made by layering Galliano, orange curaçao, and cream in a shot glass.

10.) La Llorona Martini

Named after a Hispanic American folklore legend, this martini features Pisco Brandy, lemon and lime juice, and dry ice. Get all the details here.

11.) Alien Brain Hemorrhage

This awesome and delicious drink is made by layering Irish cream on top of peppermint schnapps and adding drops of grenadine.

These cocktails might seem overwhelming, and maybe you think you can’t master the art of molecular mixology because you didn’t do well in high school chemistry. But consider this: Maybe you weren’t using the right ingredients! Either way, we guarantee you’ll get delicious and cool results with these drinks – we’ll give you an ‘A’ for that.