An act of kindness by a young boy named Nasim is melting everyone’s hearts all over the world.

Nasim of Antioch, California was at a superstore when he found a wallet on the floor. Confused about who it belonged to, the 10-year-old quickly informed his parents about it. They found out that the wallet belonged to a lady named Taylor Sloan of Sonoma County. The purse contained $38, the owner’s debit card and drivers license. Any other 10-year-old would have just kept the wallet and the money but not Nasim. 

Froggy listener Taylor Sloan lost her wallet at motocross last weekend. She then received this…

Posted by Froggy 92.9 on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rather than keep the wallet, the little boy spent the entire day trying to find the owner in neighboring areas. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find her. 

The next day, Nasim mailed the wallet along with a letter to the owner. Sloan, the owner was overwhelmed to receive her wallet back and was deeply touched by the incredibly sweet letter Nasim wrote for her. She was so moved that she decided to post the letter on Facebook to share the little boy’s act of kindness with the world. 

Sloan and Nasim along with his family were invited on the Ellen’s show where he read the letter for everyone and was rewarded for being a kind person.  

(Source: Youtube/TheEllenShow)