Did you happen to catch the season 7 premiere of the most popular TV show? As always, fans were pretty excited about another season of hit show Game of Thrones and proved that it’s the most watched TV show with a record breaking viewership of 16.1 million.  

Of course, there’s a lot to look forward to in this season of Game of Thrones. People expected a lot of surprises in the first episode but literally, no one expected to see Ed Sheeran on the show, EVER. If this is brand new for you, yes you read it right! Ed Sheeran made a cameo in the show on the season premiere and people were a lot more shocked than any of the murders on the show.  

Nothing takes me out of a fantasy world like a random Ed Sheeran appearance,” one user wrote. 

Of course, hours after the episode ended, Twitter was flooded with hilarious posts about the singer’s random appearance. 

What is George R.R. Martin slowly kills off everyone and Ed Sheeran eventually becomes the true king in all of Westeros,” another user wrote.

While some posts were super funny, some just didn’t make any sense. Check out the internet’s reaction to Ed Sheeran;s cameo below. 












(Source: TIME)