Last year, UNICEF reported that more than 300 million children are living in dangerously polluted areas in different parts of the world. The sad part is that as the world’s population increases, so does pollution which is becoming a major problem today. Not only is it affecting us and the environment but also our earth as a whole. We come across videos and photos of pollution on a daily but refuse to do anything about it. Reports claim that by the year 2081, the world’s population would grow upto 15 million and by the looks of it, what we are doing is not enough for pollution control. So let’s stop being ignorant and start taking action. Help keep your planet clean by doing your part. Every little effort matters. 


#1 Java Island, Indonesia – The Most Polluted Island 

#2 Hong Kong Tourists Posing In Front Of A Skyline Poster

Source: Molly Smith

#3 Seal’s Nose Stuck Inside A Plastic Bowl

Source: sourcename

#4 Boy Swimming In Polluted Water, India 

#5 People Walking Through Smog, Beijing

Source: Kyodo News

#6 Polluted Reservoir, Pingba

Source: Reuters

#7 Great Wall Of China

Source: Sa Cha

#8 Frog In Oil Water

#9 Smog In Beijing 

#10 Pollution In India’s River

This is all because of us and there’s no one else to blame. Let’s do our part to control pollution. 

(Source: Bored Panda)