It’s very common to bring a souvenir back home with us from a vacation as a nice reminder of the great trip we had. Serial killers often do something similar, only much creepier. Serial killers will often keep an item (or trophy) from their victim so each time they look at or touch the item, they are taken right back to the murder they committed and the sick pleasure they got from it. Psychologist Joel Norris explains that serial killers often experience something known as a “totem phase” after they commit a murder that results in a depression only cured by reliving the power they felt when they murdered someone. And the best way to relive that experience? By keeping mementos from the murder, and often from the victim’s body itself. Here are 10 of the creepiest trophies serial killers kept from their victims.

Ivan Milat And His Victim’s Camping Supplies

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