On a seemingly regular day, Hal Conover of Hawkins, Texas, was weaning calves in his farm when he was surprised by an unexpected visitor – a 10-foot alligator. Without wasting any time, the landowner quickly called for help to get rid of the reptile. 

When alligator hunters from Convergent Hunting Solutions arrived to get hold of the gator, they saw it actively crawling through the property. The alligator hunters saw their opportunity and used an unusual technique to capture the gator – with a lasso. After a few attempts, they successfully lassoed the alligator. They quickly put a black cloth on its face to cover the eyes and mouth and climbed on top of it to take control of the situation. But this gator was in no mood to give up and was ready for a fight. Just when one of the hunters shifted his hands from the gator’s mouth, it snapped its jaws to attack him. But no one was injured! Finally, they were able to carry the gator into the truck and transported it to a nearby wildlife reserve. 

It was also reported that even though the gator bit the man’s hand a little, it was nothing serious. The landowner, on the other hand, was super relieved to see the alligator leave his farm. 

(Source: NYPost)