Technology has definitely come a long way; it seems that every time we turn on the TV, we see something that completely blows our mind. It will certainly be interesting to see how far we can go with technology as time goes on – maybe one day we will have cars that we can fold and fit into our pockets or shirts that transform into airplanes and take us to far off destination. No matter how crazy or bizarre an idea might seem; one thing we should never do is to underestimate the power of technology. Case in point, here are 10 awesome wearable tech ideas you probably didn’t know were even possible.

Social Media Garment

Ping, as the item is tentatively called – is an idea for a social networking garment that can connect to Facebook. It allows you update your status via gestures and sends you Facebook alerts with ‘pings’ or taps on the shoulder.

The concept is great but no word on if or when this will be released.

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